Lane Configuration

East 99th Street to MLK Jr Drive

The corridor will be restriped as a single 11' wide travel lane and 5' bike lane in each direction. A 4’ buffer will be striped to separate the bike lane from the travel lane.  On-street parking will be prohibited on both sides of Buckeye Rd.

At the eastbound approach to the MLK Jr. Drive intersection, the bike lane will transition into shared-use lanes in order to add a left-turn lane.

MLK Jr Drive to S. Moreland Blvd.

The corridor will be restriped generally as a single 11’ wide travel lane and 8' parking lane in each direction. Motorists will be reminded to share the travel lane with cyclists through the guidance of shared lane markings.

Variations to the on-street parking will occur at signalized intersections as follows:

  • At the westbound approach to MLK Jr. Drive, the parking lanes will be eliminated to allow space to add a left-turn lane.
  • At the westbound and eastbound approaches to E. 116th Street, the parking lane on the north side of Buckeye will be eliminated to provide space for left turn lanes, and the parking lane will remain on the south side.  
  • East of E. 117th Street, parking lanes will be provided on both sides of the road.